Community Events

Put Down The Guns Pick Up Your Sons 
Initiated in 2012 specifically targeting young adolescents and families to unite around an annual march, live musical experience empowering our youth to make positive choices which promotes positive behavior. 

“Put Down the Guns & Pick Up Your Sons”. PDTGPUYS program is committed to increasing our youth skill set and self esteem by building positive close relationship with family, The all day events include, a father’s day picnic, along with family activities; bounce houses, go-karts, local and national entertainment. A jammed pack day filled with community resource and an opportunity to participate in an $5 dollar car raffle (2017 winner won a 2004 Ford Taurus). Put Down the Guns & Pick Up Your Sons program for over 7 years has impacted and reached thousands of our inner city youth.

Back To School Giveaway
Since 2014, we’ve provided thousands of school supplies to inner city youth along with partnering with CBO’s. Students has received over $7500 in scholarship funds to continue higher education by attending first year college.

Big Christmas Give Back
Since 2012 we’ve hosted an annual event during the Christmas season. We understand the need of our community and during the holiday time. Families struggle providing food,toys, and gifts for their children. BCGB giveaway turkeys, clothes, toys, goody bags, and groceries to feed multiple single families. The turn out is tremendously high because the need is extremely high in our community. We encourage family participation at all events.

Anti-Bullying Tour – I’m Only Human:
A musical play focusing on positive Bully Awareness and Prevention messages. A number of students and young adults suffer from being bullied in school, internet, home, and on social media. The play reenacts scenes by acting and singing songs with positive messages and examples of how bullying impact young people lives.  The play will capture the hearts of the audience. Young mentee prodigy LIl Ralph captures the hearts of the audience with an original song touching hearts all over the world. “Beautiful” will be released late March and will be the anthem song for the Anti-Bullying Movement & Play.

Trunk Or Treat
Since 2013 our Halloween party provides youth with a day full of fun. Family and friends gather annually to trick a treat in a safe community environment. The trunks of cars are decorated with candy and halloween decor, and a huge haunted school bus.